Bad Cat BLACK CAT / Reverb : 30 WATT

Bad Cat BLACK CAT / Reverb : 30 WATT
Brand: Bad Cat
Kôd proizvoda: Black Cat
Dostupnost: Nema na skladištu
Cijena: 0KN

2 Channel, 4 Input : Hi-Lo Power, Speaker Phase Selector, Extension Speaker Out, Speaker Impedance Selector, Channel Switching Available
The Black Cat 30 Watt is available with or without spring reverb. Incorporating two entirely different pre-amp sections, practical user controls render the smooth Black Cat as the most suitable guitar amp for any performance venue.

Channel One 12AX7 “Triode” pre-amp is based on interactive Bass and Treble controls. Channel Two EF86 “Pentode” based pre-amp uses a 5 position tone knob for instant access to your favorite sounds, or switch to an interactive bass and treble circuit. The 2x12” cab employs 2 dissimilar rated, Bad Cat proprietary Celestion speakers to further enhance the already shimmering harmonics. The Black Cat is regarded by many knowledgeable players as the finest, most capable guitar amp available today.

Dimensions: 28.5"L x 20.5"H x 11.5"D : Weight: 83 lbs.

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