Dimarzio Mo’ Joe

 Dimarzio Mo’ Joe
Kôd proizvoda: Dimarzio Mo’ Joe
Dostupnost: Na skladištu
Cijena: 580KN

Joe Satriani has used FRED® as his main bridge pickup for years. In 2005, Joe asked us for a hotter and bigger version to replace the FRED® in his new Ibanez® guitars. The new model called the Mo’ Joe™ is all about tone and definition. Its name says it all. It has more power than FRED® but it doesn’t sacrifice clarity or dynamics. Additionally, all the harmonics that made FRED® so good are all there ready to jump out at the touch of a guitar pick. Having more output makes the Mo’ Joe™ a perfect match for the PAF Joe™ in the neck position. The combination delivers great versatility and control from rhythms to solos.


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