Fulltone Robin Trower overdrive

Fulltone Robin Trower overdrive
Kôd proizvoda: Robin Trower overdrive
Dostupnost: Na skladištu
Cijena: 1,700KN

Robin Trower is known for TONE. While working with Robin during his 2008 tour, I developed an overdrive truly worthy of the Trower namesake.

Touch responsive, huge sounding, sustain for days... and crystal clear when the guitar's volume knob is reduced for great live dynamics. Being that Robin uses Fenders as well as Marshalls, it had to work well with both types... and it does. And Robin hits so hard that the front end of the pedal had to be tuned for those .012-.048 tuned-down strings. The RTO holds tight and smooth for Strat and Les Paul players alike.


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